25/07/07 - Javier Serrano and Rosa Foruria takes the relief in the Vaurien Class World Championship

With winds of the Northeast that oscillated between 6 and 10 knots the 3 sleeves of the second day of the World Championship were disputed in Laredo's Bay.

Great day that of Italian Marco Faccenda and Francesco Cranchi that achieved first 2 positions and one second wich allows them to start to 2 points of the podium being the best in the day.

Very good of the Spanish Javier Serrano and Rosa Foruria that ascend until the first position after obtaining a 4, a 1 and a 2 after a great  gone back in the last sleeve of the day.

Nacho Campos and Asunción Limiñana loses the first place after signing a 3, 4 and a 8 but they continue with options with only 2 points less.

Javier Porto and Alberto Martin with a 2, 7 and 6 fall until the third position with 4 disadvantage points with the leader.

In the Feminine Category María Campos and Edurne Tamayo clips differences with current champion Olatz Muñoz and Jaione Ayastuy and they put on to only 4 points, what promises a hard dispute in the next days.

Tomorrow other 3 sleeves will be disputed starting at 12 hours with a forecast of wind of the North from 10 to 15 knots.

Classification Absolute Category:

1º Javier Serrano / Rosa Foruria, C.R. Castellón, Spain (OCS-1-7-4-1-2) 15 points
2º Nacho Campos / Asunción Limiñana, R.C.R. Alicante, Spain (4-5-1-3-4-8) 17 points
3º Javier Porto / Alberto Martin. R.C.N. Vigo, Spain (5-4-2-2-7-6) 19 points
4º Marco Faccenda / Francesco Cranchi, Circolo Velico Pietrabianca, Italy (OCS-8-9-1-2-1) 21 points
5º Jaime Leirós / Alfonso Leirós, R.C.N. Sanxenxo, Spain (OCS-2-13-5-3-5) 24 points

Classification Feminine Category:

1ª Olatz Múñoz / Jaione Ayastuy, C.N. Hondarribia-C.N. Vitoria, Spain (3-11-8-13-14-13) 48 points
2ª María Campos / Edurne Tamayo, R.C.N. Vigo-R.C.N. San Sebastian, Spain (7-10-14-16-5-22) 52 points
3ª Silvia Benini / Sara Marcionni, Circolo Velico Pietrabianca, Italy (22-24-10-14-17-24) 87 points

Pictures: Bojan Gale



Today is the last day of the Junior Word Championship which was organized the the Nautical Club of Laredo. The day showed up with an increment of the wind with regard to the previous days, making more interesting the day for the vicinity of points among competitors.

With winds of the Northeast from 12 to 15 knots the start of the first test of the were conquered by the Galician Andrés and Rafael Jiménez after a hard conflict with Dutch Martina and Jelmer Kuipers.

In the second sleeve the Dutchmen ran off with the victory, as a result they had the possibility to opt to the title. The siblings Jiménez was seconds while Cantabrian Gonzalo Arce and Pablo Turrado saw how the victory go away.

With a tie to 15 points between Galician and Dutch the start was given of the one that would be a hard fight in the definitive test to know the Champions of the World. They took first in windward the Dutchmen but they were advanced by the siblings Jiménez at the end of the long second and they were able to tolerate in that position the rest of the yacht and they were able to be made with the title of Champions of the World by second serial year. The Cantabrian Arce and Turrado finished the Championship in third position.

The mensurement of the Absolute and Feminine Championship also began whose tests begin on Tuesday. The delivery of prizes of the Junior Category will take place at 20:30 in today in the terrace of the Club.


1º Andrés Jiménez / Rafael Jiménez, R. C. N. Vigo, Spain (2-3-8-2-5-1-2-1) 16 points
2º Martina Kuipers / Jelmer Kuipers, Holland (1-6-6-1-3-2-1-2) 17 points
3º Gonzalo Arce / Pablo Turrado, R. C. M. Santander, Spain (6-1-1-3-1-6-5-4) 21 points

Pictures: Emilio Canosa




22/07/07 - "ACIS" leads the Championship

The siblings Jiménez is relegated to the third position after a difficult day with capricious winds of North. Lists of 20 grades and differences of pressure on Laredo Racing Area made the current World Champions  to have to conform to with a 8º,2º and 5º position throughout the 3 races foreseen for today's day.

Gonzalo Arce and Pablo Turrado was constant getting first two and a third since he helps to define its liderato with 4 advantage points on the classified seconds, Italian Lorenzo Raffaelli and Giulio Orazzini that got a 6º,1º and 3º position in this day.

Martina Kuipers and Jelmer Kuipers is rooms in the general one tied to points with the siblings Jiménez and to only a point of the classified second.
It is still a lot of yacht and there is not anything clear, the conditions are making a World Championship full with emotion in which can pass any thing.

The meteorological conditions foreseen for today will be similar to those of today: slack winds of North, with clouds and intermittent showers. They will try to be carried out 3 tests that will define the head positions.

The Junior Championship finishes today and next will take place the Woman and Absolute Championship until Saturday 28 July.




Although yerterday was a rainy day in Laredo’s bay everything was ready to start the Junior Vaurien Class World Championship organized by the Laredo’s Nautical Club.

At first there was no wind so the committee decided to postpone the first race, finally two races took place. Today after 12 we are going to enjoy three other races if the wind blows with strength enough.

The Junior Championship will last till Sunday, that’s when the Women and Overall Championship is going to start.




1st Andrés Jiménez/Rafael Jiménez, R.C.N. Vigo, Spain. (2-3) 5 points.
2nd Gonzalo Arce/Pablo Turrado, R.C.M. Santander, Spain. (6-1) 7 points.
3rd Lorenzo Raffaelli/Giulio Orazzini, Italy. (1-6) 7 points.

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 It will take place from the 19th until the 28th of July in Laredo (Spain), and the presence of the best crews in the world is expected, with a total of more than 60 boats.

Picture showing the presentation by the President of the Laredo Royal Yacht Club. Vaurien Class Flag is situated in its place among the official flags.


Last May, the Laredo Royal Yacht Club held the official presentation of the 2007 Vaurien World Championships, that will take place from the 19th until the 28th of July 2007 in Laredo.

As it is the tradition, the WCS will begin with the Junior World Championship from the 19th until the 22nd, with an opening ceremony, 1 measurement day and 3 racing days, after which a price giving ceremony will take place.

After it, the Female and Overall Cahmpionships will begin with the official ceremony on the 23rd, 2 measurement days (22nd and 23rd) and 5 racing days until the 28th when the price giving ceremony will close the WCS.

Organizing committee has predicted the participation of about 60 or 70 boats from several nationalities, including Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Czeck Republic, Slovaquia, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Russia, Tunisia, Uruguay, Portugal and Spain. The presence of current Vaurien World Champions has been confirmed, as well as several former World Champions.

The World Championship is the topmost race in the Vaurien Racing Calendar every year since the 1950´s, where crews from all different countries meet to match up against each other. Crew´s families and friends are also encouraged to come as they will have the opportunity to attend the races from an spectators' boat. There is also a lot of touristic places to see around Laredo and Cantabria.

23/04/07- The Class Flag arrives to Laredo

The official flag of the international class Vaurien has arrived last Saturday to Laredo, surrounded of strong measures of security, and guarded by the Cantabrian team of the class Vaurien.

After an extensive journey for the European continent, the official flag of the class has arrived on Saturday April 21 to Laredo, to 11:07 a.m., coming from Vada (Italy) where it was lowered when finishing the 2006 World Championship, and after traveling, among other places, Paris (headquarters of CIV) and Galicia (headquarters of AsVaurien Spain), from where it traveled to Santander, after the "Copa de España" of Cangas, guarded by the Cantabrian team of yachts of Vaurien.

José Mª Mier, Territorial Secretary of the international class Vaurien, made delivery from the flag to Mr. Juan Ignacio Echevarría, President of the Royal Yacht Club of Laredo (RCNL), act to which attended Ms. Marisa Echevarría and Mr. Fernando Arranz (a.k.a. Tyto), all them members of the Organizing Committee of the Vaurien World Championship that will take place in Laredo from July  19th to 28th.

The flag, with their almost 50 years of existence, it takes inscribed the names of all the clubs that have welcomed the organization of the World Championships of the class in the successive years, among those that Laredo was already for the 1991 Worlds. It will remain exposed in the cabinets of the Club until the day of the official inauguration of the championship, moment in which the President of CIV will hoist it in the main mast, declaring you open the championship.